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Let's code...or not

The quickest way to get started is with the CardanoBI SaaS API.

What you'll need

  • An API Key & Secret
  • A shell terminal
  • Node.js version 16.14 or above

Getting your API Key & Secret

To get your free API key, go over to

Image Alt Text

Hit the login link in the top right corner.

Then either:

  • Register with your email
  • Authenticate with Google
  • Authenticate Github

Once registered/authenticated you will be redirected to your dashboard:

Image Alt Text

Hit the Add Project button to create your first project.

Choose a fitting name, the desired Cardano network (mainnet & preprod are live, preview is in the making 🔥)


Note that in the rest of this quick start we will be using the mainnet API, so if you want to follow along maybe best to create a mainnet API key 💡.

Hit the Save button.

At this stage you should be prompted with your own API key and API secret.


Make sure to save the secret right away as it will disappear from view upon refreshing your page.

You are all set!

Making your first call

Open a shell terminal and run the following.

  • Get a Bearer token from CardanoBI's mainnet identity server:
curl -d "client_id=YOUR-KEY&client_secret=YOUR-SECRET&grant_type=client_credentials" -X POST

Don't forget to replace the placeholders with your actual API key and secret.

  • Make your first request by looking up the latest block on mainnet:
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR-BEARER-TOKEN" -H "Client-Api-Key: YOUR-API-KEY" | jq .

Don't forget to replace the placeholder with your actual Bearer token.

Getting a response

The response should look something like this:

"id": 8528164,
"hash": "8IdAgx3TwivX4Vd2VILqaphK4ureKZknIDteFAW4tsM=",
"epoch_no": 399,
"slot_no": 87420423,
"epoch_slot_no": 415623,
"block_no": 8525299,
"previous_id": 8528163,
"slot_leader_id": 7047273,
"size": 4898,
"time": "2023-03-16T17:11:54",
"tx_count": 4,
"proto_major": 8,
"proto_minor": 0,
"vrf_key": "vrf_vk1s70lx90mjpsnwcafyh53erkgy9syejw7knpm9wt0rzd2a0kd2t6s9xl6vm",
"op_cert": "9rSP/aG6pEKGj96mURztusIjnWnn+rbb5pxnlkUoEoQ=",
"op_cert_counter": 1659973637,
"hash_hex": "f08740831dd3c22bd7e157765482ea6a984ae2eade299927203b5e1405b8b6c3",
"op_cert_hex": "f6b48ffda1baa442868fdea6511cedbac2239d69e7fab6dbe69c679645281284"

And that's it! You are all set to start using the CardanoBI SaaS API. 🤓