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General Information


The CardanoBI API is organized by domains.

There are currently 3 domains:

Core Domain Summary

Core is the fundamental domain where all on-chain entities and interactions live.


CardanoBI supports 3 Cardano environments:

Mainnet Environment

This is the live environment where real business interactions happen.

Base Endpoints

CardanoBI base endpoints are Cardano environment specific.

Mainnet Base Endpoints


All responses are JSON objects or arrays of JSON objects.

Data is returned in ascending order (oldest first, newest last).

HTTP Return Codes

OK: Successful request.


By default the number of records in the response will be limited to 20.

Some endpoints allow to increase this up to 100.

Please refer to the API Documentation of individual endpoints for further information.

Pagination Query Parameters
  • page_size : integer [1 - 100] : will set the maximum page size of the response
  • page_no : integer [>0] : will set the page number of the response
  • order : string : 'asc' (default) will order the records in ascending order, 'desc' will order the records in descending order

ODATA Query Options

All endpoints support $select, $filter, $orderby, $count query options.

More information on how to use them can be found here.